Do you ship these jawns?

Not yet. Figuring that out. Right now it’s hand-off only, like when the eagles are up 21 in the 4th. Once the pandemic is over, this will get easier to make happen!

Where do i pick the pretzels up? Has Sylvester Stallone picked them up yet?

Pick ups are at our Pop-Up loacations. Check the order page for where were are and when! Our OG pop-up is at Shappy Pretzel Co Pop-Up Shop at Gourmet 47 at 11701 Moorpark St, Studio City, CA 91604. Sly hasn't been yet, but we have a bag for him ready if he does.

How can i keep these delicious pretzels fresh? Can I freeze them?

Anything under 24 hours, keep them out of a bag on your counter top to preserve the salt, and reheat when you’re ready! Beyond 24 hours: freezing them immediately while they're fresh! Once you know you’re ready for em, take em out, thaw, brush some butter or water on top, sprinkle a lil' more pretzel salt and pop in the oven until they’re good as new!

Vegan? Dairy free? Gluten free? None of the above. Shappy Pretzels have milk and butter. No eggs though!

None of the above. Shappy Pretzels have milk and butter. No eggs though!

Are they as good as Wetzels Pretzels? I like Wetzels Pretzels.

Totally, they're really good, just like WP. Only not at all like WP. These are philly soft pretzels, totally different beast. But if you enjoy delicious pretzels, you'll enjoy these.

Pop Up Locations

Studio City

El Segundo

Santa Monica


Silver Lake



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